Sunday, May 10, 2009

Saint Augustine - Confessions

I just bought a paperback copy of Saint Augustine's Confessions. It's the Penguin Classics translation by a Roman Catholic writer by the name of R.S. Pine-Coffin, to be more precise. It's a fascinating read, and I just think that the prose is quite beautiful. I'm still halfway through book one at the moment, but it already gives you a fascinating insight into Augustine's thoughts and how he walked with God. To anyone here who is interested in Christian classics, I recommend reading this. It's a very edifying read.

"Who will grant me to rest content in you? To whom shall I turn for the gift of your coming into my heart and filling it to the brim, so that I may forget all the wrong I have done and embrace you alone, my only source of good?"
(Book 1, Chapter 5)

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