Monday, April 25, 2011

Toronto Baptist Seminary Essays

For those who've been wondering why I've barely posted at all in the past eight months, it's because I've been busy finishing my one year bible diploma program at Toronto Baptist Seminary. I have done a lot of theological and apologetical writing for that program, so to compensate for my relative inactivity in the blogosphere, I decided that I would post four of my best articles here on Epagonizesthai. These have some pretty good apologetic value and I do believe these constitute some of my best work so far, so they're worth looking at.

For Christian Foundations:


  1. stellar - glad you enjoyed your time at TBS Luis!
    keep us posted on what you have planned for the coming fall
    love in Christ
    scotty mac

  2. ^^^Will definitely keep you guys posted. Looking forward to seeing what will come up in the future.

    Grace and peace.