Friday, September 10, 2010

Anti-Missionaries Say the Darndest Things

So recently, I wrote a series of articles rebutting the contents of a website called Crusade Watch. The articles themselves are in The Aristophrenium (see here for part 1, part 2 and part 3), though I wanted to point out how hilariously crazy and/or funny the claims being made in this site are. In particular, they have a page called "Why Oppose Evangelism" which contains many of the wackiest anti-missionary claims I have ever seen. Here are some examples (emphases mine):

Evangelical fudamentalism breeds intolerance. This intolerance effects even the families as fundamentalist Christians develop the mentality of 'I am right; you are wrong'. This mentality seems to be reason for higher divorce rates among Christians.

Some great thinkers [who?] consider the practice of evangelism equivalent to Satanism.

Many prominent Christians [who?] feel that Western Evangelism is a commercial empire just like any other business. The evangelicals exploit people's soft corner for religion and buy into their over-priced and often useless products. Examples are Pat Robertson's and Benny Hinn's businesses. [Because everybody knows that Robertson and Hinn are representatives of Evangelicalism as a whole.]

Most of the missionaries and Christian groups claim that Christianity and white race [When all else fails, play the race card.] have the highest moral values whereas all other religions and cultures are corrupt.

USA, which produced the world's top inventions and scientists is under siege due to Christian fundamentalism. These fundamentalists are opposed to scientific development because most of the scientific findings contradict Bible. Example: Bible states that Sun rotates around Earth and Earth is flat. Galileo who questioned this theory was put under house arrest and denied medical services he request. American Christian fundamentalists are against research and science on evolution as they believe that Adam & Eve created the world. [LOL what?]

Many evangelical churches are known to promote irrational and uncivillized acts such as witchcraft and exorcism which often involve child abuse. [And the evidence for this claim?]

A non-Christian who viewed the society as one entity after conversion to Christianity begins to see the society as two categories 'us' vs. 'them'. 'us' being the 'saved' and 'them' not worth living. He develops hate and illwill towards everything 'them' reveres. [Yeah, that's what Matthew 5:43-48 preaches, right?]

Increasingly world is accepting evangelical missions as an expression of hate crime. [It is???]

Most of the true Christian denomonations [way to know which denominations are the "true" ones. *coughliberalscough*] are not involved in missions and evangelism. They strongly argue that missions is the corrupted and evil expression of true Christianity. [Sure, because Jesus would never teach His apostles to "go out and make disciples of all nations," riiight?]

"Either convert and fight against India or DIE" is the message echoing across the 7 states (called 7 sisters) of North-east India. [Yeah, because Jesus taught them to evangelize that way...]

Church is against abortion, birth-control pills etc which brings misery to women's lives. Millions of women find their life devastated because of church. [Roman Catholicism =/= Christianity as a whole]

In Christianity a women is inferior to man. [I guess this guy never read Galatians 3:28, or studied early Christian attitudes towards women in comparison to the rest of the prevailing culture at the time.] Many women who enjoyed complete freedom and respect in their native religion become second class members in their own homes and family. [I'm sure the Hindu practice of immolating the wives of recently deceased men helped foster gender equality.]

Many evangelical leaders initiated and promoted war against heathen so that the field is open to harvest the souls. Many of the evangelical leaders and missionaries are War Criminals. [Who are these unnamed "evangelical leaders and missionaries?" Inquiring minds would like to know.]

Time and again world's renowned scholars [Who are they???] have clearly proved [How?] evangelism as an imperialistic activity. But because they operate in the spiritual realm, they continue to enjoy a fuzzy kind of permission to conduct a kind of business that is largely impossible in other less ethereal spheres of life.

It is amazing what those who oppose the Gospel of Jesus Christ will come up with to try and suppress the truth in unrighteousness.

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