Friday, October 23, 2009

Atheist "De-Baptism"

I've seen and heard some crazy things before, but this one just takes the cake:

Some atheists think they can undo their baptism with a de-baptism. Why do they even care?

The title of the USA Today article says it all - Atheists choose 'de-baptism' to renounce childhood faith. I'm not sure that Hemingway could have summarized it better. When a person becomes a Christian they repent and believe the Gospel. They renounce their previous life (repent of sins) and proclaim that they belong to Jesus. These proactive steps might explain why de-baptisms are taking place. It is somewhat of a reversal process. De-baptism is actually another borrowing of the Christian worldview by atheists. Why do it at all?

Read more about it here:

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